Term Party!

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Hello Friends!

Today is a day of end of schoolterm parties for Big S and Little S.

For Little S, it’s the last day before she heads to a half-day drop off program at her school next year.  She loves this class, which provides a warm, nurturing environment.  Something that I try to do, too!  She also gets to hear Mandarin pronounced correctly. :)  It was in this class that we discovered her 2 loves in a short matter of time 1) food and 2) crafts – both to be created, consumed and enjoyed with 2 chubby hands.

Incidentally, I’ve found that throwing yourself into baking can prevent oneself from sobbing uncontrollably at how big your kids are getting.

Little S loves being arty with her food, so I made milk & honey gelatin animals. Spencer recently revealed to us that his favorite flavor is coconut, so I made macaroons.  This week, the students are learning the “ch” sound, so I figured why not throw in some chocolate.  So here are the recipes, here and here.


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