Shanghai Science & Technology Museum

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Spencer requested to go to the Shanghai Science & Technology museum on his 5th birthday.  He loves the animals, and they have some impressive scenes from around the globe in the entrance.

There was this:


And this:


And this:


But then, there was THIS.  Newly renovated, there is a “Rainbow Room” on the 1st floor, filled with tactile goodies for mom kids. At this point, we were all so tired but Spencer and Sloane suddenly got a 2nd wind. It was like, yeah, yeah, taxidermied animals. Whatever.  What have I been wasting my time looking at life-sized stuffed animals when I could be running around and touching stuff!  Bubbles!  Lights!  Shiny disks!  Water!  Entrances to the stage that remind you a David Lynch movie where a small man or log lady will appear!




P.S.  I forced everyone to glow that day was from our fiasco at the zoo, where we almost lost the children.   We aren’t trying to blind people, but WEARING BRIGHT COLORS, really does help if your kids can’t find you in the case you get separated.   There was a lot of hand holding going on.